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Seminari VHIR - Dr. Miguel A. González Ballester "Medical image analysis, modelling and simulation for computer-assisted therapy"

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15:30 h -17:00 h


Sala d'Actes, planta baixa - Hospital General

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Vall d'Hebron Institut de Recerca (VHIR)

Dr. Miguel A. González Ballester, ICREA Research Professor, Dept of Information and Communication Technologies Universitat Pompeu Fabra UPF, Barcelona

Modern medical imaging technologies make it possible to explore the human body in a multitude of ways, depicting anatomy, metabolic function and pathological processes. Innovations in medical imaging have been paralleled by the development of computer-based image processing methods to automatically detect and diagnose pathologies, quantify disease progression and assess possible risks and complications when planning a surgical intervention. Computer support for treatment planning is not limited to image processing (filtering, segmentation, registration), but also includes artificial intelligence (machine learning, decision support systems), mathematical and computational models (finite element simulations) and hardware (tracking and guidance systems, mechatronic and robotic tools). All these tools can be combined to assist in diagnosis and treatment and guide the surgeon in the operating room. In this talk, we will see examples of these techniques applied to orthopaedics, heart failure, neurodegenerative diseases, cochlear implants and foetal surgery.

Host: CIBBIM-Nanomedicine. New Technologies and Craniofacial Microsurgery


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