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Seminari VHIR- Dra. Susana Minguet "gd T cell immunotherapy against breast cancer stem like cells"

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15:30 h a 17:00 h


Sala d'Actes, planta baixa- Hospital General


Vall d'Hebron Institut de Recerca (VHIR)

Dra. Susana Minguet García, Group Leader,  Lymphocyte Signalling Laboratory- Dept. of  Immunology- BIOSS - Centre for Biological Signalling Studies -CIBSS - Centre for Integrative Biological Signalling Studies- Faculty of Biology. University of Freiburg-  Germany

"gd T cell immunotherapy against breast cancer stem like cells"

Our work is centered in understanding the molecular mechanisms leading to the activation of T and B lymphocytes.

One of the main focuses of our group is to find out how T lymphocytes transmit the information of ligand binding to their antigen receptors across the plasma membrane and which signaling mechanisms regulate activation. We are motivated by the translational and synthetic applications of this knowledge, with special focus in the complex interplay between the biophysical properties of the extracellular matrix and T cell motility to improve tumor immunotherapy against cancer.

We are also much interested in understanding the nano-organization of the B cell antigen receptor and the mechanisms by which defective B cell activation leads to immunopathologies.

Host: CIBBIM-Nanomedicine. Drug Delivery and Targeting- ibane.abasolo@vhir.org

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