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Seminari VHIR - Prof. Raymond Schiffelers "Delivery of RNA"

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15:30 a 17.00 h


Sala d'Actes, planta baixa, Hospital General


Vall d'Hebron Institut de Recerca (VHIR)

Prof. Raymond Schiffelers, Professor of nanomedicine | Division LAB CDL Research | UMC- Utrecht -The Netherlands

"Delivery of RNA"

RNA offers many promises as new therapeutic. With siRNA it is possible to silence specific genes, whereas mRNA allows to produce encoded proteins. In addition, the list of functions of non-coding RNAs keeps expanding. However to use RNAs as therapeutics requires the delivery into the cytoplasm of the target cell as the molecules are too large and charged to cross cellular membranes spontaneously. In this presentation I will discuss our stratehies to deliver RNA and point to therapeutic applications for the near future.

Host: CIBBIM-Nanomedicina. Direccionament i Alliberament Farmacològic -simo.schwartz@vhir.org


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