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VHIR Seminar, Dr. Angela Greco "Molecular and functional dissection of thyroid cancer"

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15:30 hores


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The incidence of thyroid carcinoma is rapidly increasing.  Although generally associated with good prognosis, a fraction of thyroid carcinoma is not cured by standard therapy and progress to aggressive forms for which no effective treatments are currently available.

During the  seminar  I will present the contribution of my reaserch group to the knowledge of the molecular ethiology of thyroid carcinoma, focusing on studies performed  in the last few years. These include:  i) the evidence that other elements, beside driver oncogenes, contribute to thyroid carcinogenesis; ii) the demonstration that oncogene-induced senescence restrains tumor progression;  iii) the identification of thyroid tumor cell specific vulnerabilities, to be explored as novel therapeutic targets.  

Host: Dr. Rosanna Paciucci Barzanti, Biomedical Research in Urology, VHIR rosanna.paciucci@vhir.org

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