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Vall d’Hebron Barcelona Hospital Campus is open and ready for your collaboration, because with health, we all have a role to play. And there are a lot of ways to do it: offer your time, become a donor or share your experience. Your contribution will help us progress and improve, and you can enjoy the knowledge you're encouraging and inspiring others too. You can help in more ways than you think. Get involved.

Become a Friend of
Vall d’Hebron

Your contribution to Friends of Vall d’Hebron is essential to help keep us moving forward. Thanks to your contribution, we can improve healthcare, explore new lines of research and offer our professionals the continued training they need. There are more than 1,400 friends. Want to become one yourself?
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Give your time

Volunteer. Spend some of your free time accompanying patients and making their stay at the hospital more pleasant.

Share your  experience 

Tell us about your experience here. Your testimonial can inspire and help other people. Share your story about your time on our Campus.
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Donate blood and tissue 

Donation is the driving force behind transplants. Thanks to this selfless act, we can continue to save lives.
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List of charities

Find out more about the charities and organisations that work with the Campus in humanising and improving the care we offer.
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Make a charitable bequest

There are some decisions that affect future generations for the better. Find out how to leave your mark.
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Make a financial contribution

By making a one-off or periodic contribution, you can help change the history of medicine. No contribution is too small.
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responsible companies

Companies are increasingly committing to a more socially responsible model, proof of the need to improve our society. We aim to create alliances with companies that share our values who want to help us in our efforts to advance knowledge and improve medical practices.
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