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Happy Holidays filled with #HealingActions

Tuesday, 18 December, 2018

At Vall d'Hebron, we fight close to you to overcome difficult wounds. But at home, at work or in our surroundings, we suffer from smaller ones, those that weaken the heart. That is why, for these holidays, we have created the solidarity initiative of the strips with #HealingActions.

We want to celebrate Christmas with you in a very special way

Christmas is coming, a time full of emotions and solidarity, and we want to feel closer to you. That is why we want to share with you a very special gift: solidarity strips that cure the wounded and that you can give away to congratulate Christmas with a smile.

Street lights, television and radio ads, coworkers who buy and offer a lottery ticket... Yes, Christmas is approaching. A time of family reunions and friends, nostalgic for loved ones that are no longer there, of enthusiasm for the new year... And at Vall d'Hebron Barcelona Hospital Campus we also want to take care of you during these special days.

Our job is to fight close to you to overcome difficult wounds. We always do this, 365 days a year. We strive to cure wounds that endanger health and life. But we are aware that, at home, at work or in our environment we suffer from smaller wounds. They do not endanger our lives, but they do very badly. And we think that Christmas is an ideal time to try and cure them. That is why we have created the solidarity initiative of the #HealingActions. A box with strong solidarity with positive messages that help us approach our loved ones with a smile. A perfect gift for this Christmas, to remind your partner, family, co-workers... you think about them and want to cure those little wounds with love and affection.


How can you get your box of solidarity?

You can get your box at the different collaborating establishments. The money will go to research. So for only € 3, you will help Vall d'Hebron to promote research and innovation and promote the advancement of medicine.


Customize them with fun and original messages

The solidarity tips are full of positive messages and complicity to get closer to you with a smile. You can also personalize them with your message or search for them on Instagram and send them directly to anyone you want. Find the shootings on Instagram and fill in all the social networks of #HealingActions. If you like, play with the shootings gifs on Instagram! Search and decorate the stitches gifs in your stories and share them or send them with positive messages to your dear ones. You have a thousand possibilities to surprise them with an original Christmas greeting.


We wish you Happy Holidays and an Amazing New Year!


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