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Digestive Organ Transplants

Trasplantaments digestius a Vall d'Hebron Institut de Recerca

The Digestive Organ Transplant group is largely interested in liver and digestive system transplants and surgery, in adults and children. 


It conducts experimental research into hepatic surgery, as well as clinical research on aspects related to liver, pancreatic and biliary surgery; into intestinal transplants, and into partial hepatic transplant (in vivo donations).

Equally, it conducts clinical research into Immunosuppressants in liver transplants. At the same time, it experimentally researches minimally invasive surgery through natural orifices, along with Dr. J.R. Armengol and the Hospital’s Endoscope Service. 

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Dra. Itxarone
Bilbao Aguirre
Head of Section
Hepatobiliopancreatic surgery and transplants
Digestive System Transplants