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Maternal and Foetal Medicine

Medicina materna i fetal a Vall d'Hebron Institut de Recerca

The research group is working on developing and improving early prediction and prevention in premature birth. Among its main aims is the combined work between clinical and basic researchers to study the complications associated with placental insufficiency and congenital heart disease.


The group has established a pioneering programme on detection of congenital heart defects and chromosome abnormalities. They are also investigating the long-term impact of an adverse environment during gestation for maternal and child health (growth restriction, preeclampsia, prematurity, breast cancer during pregnancy). Its other lines of research are dedicated to the effects that obesity or breast cancer may have on pregnancy.

They do it together with a competitive multidisciplinary network dedicated to educating and training research personnel, with the ultimate aim of creating value in the field of maternal and foetal health.

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Dra. M. Elena
Carreras Moratonas
Head of Department
Lead Researcher
Maternal and Foetal Medicine
Dra. Maria
Goya Canino
Lead Researcher
Maternal and Foetal Medicine
Dr. Manel
Maternal and Foetal Medicine