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Neuronal Development and Regeneration

Desenvolupament i Regeneració Neuronal a Vall d'Hebron Institut de Recerca

The research group focuses on identifying new genes involved in brain development processes, a complex process that involves various sequential steps. Also those aspects related to regeneration of an adult brain and neuroplasticity, in relation to disorders that affect learning and memory.


It is well-known that the adult brain does not regenerate, neither after injuries nor in cell processes associated with illness. That is why we are studying mechanisms that regulate the normal development and growth of the nervous system, because they are essential for explaining the lack of spontaneous repair in adult brain tissue, while allowing us to design new regeneration approaches to repairing brain lesions.

A second aim of our laboratory is to understand how genes that are key for development play a fundamental role in the neuroplasticity of the adult brain, which is crucial in complex neuronal functions, such as learning and memory. We are also working to understand how these genes contribute to the illnesses that affect these aspects, and if development gene modelling in the adult brain may calm these neuronal disorders.

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