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Obstetrícia a Vall d'Hebron

The Obstetrics and Reproductive Medicine Department is a highly qualified department where we have the most advanced technologies to carry out explorations and treatments on the foetus and mothers with very high risk problems. This is why we consider the foetus a patient. We act as a single, cohesive unit with professionals in the field of emergencies, deliveries and postpartum care. We also offer comprehensive care for women who want to be mothers, especially in preserving fertility in cancer patients.


At the Obstetrics Department, our goal is to adapt to the needs and wishes of the families we treat. For example, we practise delayed clamping of the umbilical cord after birth with all our births, and we promote skin-to-skin contact. When it comes to the moment of childbirth, our mothers can use delivery chairs, hydrotherapy and work with stability balls. Staying mobile and even being able to eat throughout the process are all resources that we promote. In deliveries of twins, in cases of previous caesarean sections and in new-born infants, we prioritise vaginal delivery, if the mother so wishes.

Of course, the mother can be accompanied both in vaginal births and during caesarean sections. We also offer an early voluntary programme that includes a midwife home visit to keep track of mother, baby and the family. Early discharge can be offered to women who have had an uncomplicated delivery, thanks to collaboration with primary care centres.

Personalised care is guaranteed thanks to the fact that the Emergency, Delivery and Postpartum departments all work as a single unit. This means all our staff work towards common goals. Each mother is assigned a childcare team, comprising a midwife, a specialist in obstetrics and a gynaecologist, as well as a resident physician.

Prenatal care is essential. Since 2013, we have offered foetal intrauterine therapy in severe cases that require intrauterine surgery. We are the only centre in Spain able to offer all these options.

The reproductive medicine department offers the technology and infrastructure required to treat problems related to human reproduction.

For all these reasons, our Department is considered a level three, highly qualified centre. This means we can treat a high number of high-risk patients from all over Catalonia and the rest of Spain as well as from other countries.

Vall d'Hebron Hospital is one of the hospitals accredited by the European Board and College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (the only one in Spain), both for quality of care and for our teaching and research quality.


Portfolio of services

Maternofoetal Health

  • General dispensaries
  • Pathology in the first half of pregnancy
  • Maternal medicine
  • Foetal medicine
  • Prenatal diagnosis
  • Postpartum care
  • Emergency ward and birthing rooms


Endocrinology and Reproduction

  • Endocrinology
  • Sterility
  • Menopause
  • Contraception 





We organise continued training and doctorate studies, and offer level one to four in ultrasounds as defined by the Spanish Society of Gynaecology and Obstetrics (SEGO). We have established an agreement with the University of Leuven (Brussels), the Autonomous University of Nuevo León and the University of Guadalajara (Mexico), the University of Buenos Aires, the University of Corrientes (Argentina), the University of Caracas (Venezuela) and the University of Porto (Portugal). We also act as advisors for different health ministries from various countries.



We pursue several lines of research, many of which are in collaboration with other centres, national and foreign, and we are members of research networks, such as the Retic network.

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Dra. M. Elena
Carreras Moratonas
Head of Department
Lead Researcher
Maternal and Foetal Medicine
Dra. Anna
Suy Franch
Head of Section
Lead Researcher
Maternal and Foetal Medicine
Dra. Silvia
Arévalo Martínez
Head of Section
Dr. Julio
Herrero García
Head of Section
Dr. Manuel
Casellas Caro
Lead Researcher
Obstetrics, Paediatrics and Genetics, Maternal and Foetal Medicine
Dra. Erika
Dr. Pablo
García Manau
Dra. Inés Zulema
Calero Fernández
Dr. Manel
Maternal and Foetal Medicine
Dr. Melchor
Carbonell Socias
Dr. Francesc
Baro Marine
Dra. Maria
Goya Canino
Lead Researcher
Maternal and Foetal Medicine
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