From the laboratory to the hospital

We work to 
understand diseases

At Vall d’Hebron Barcelona Hospital Campus we are committed to research as a tool to provide solutions to the daily challenges we face in the field of medical healthcare. We have three research institutes dedicated to transferring problems from the consulting room to the laboratory, and the solutions found there directly to patients. 

We work to understand diseases, to know how they function and to create better treatments that can be applied to patients in the real world. The huge potential of our Hospital Campus in the field of research is reflected in the excellence of the work done in parallel between research centres and hospitals. We have an opportunity to see conditions first-hand and to work to provide solutions. 

Understanding diseases to improve treatments

We have a privileged setting to drive basic research. Through its hospitals and support and research centres, Vall d’Hebron Barcelona Hospital Campus carries out research in almost all medical specialisations. 

Our day-to-day work in this leading healthcare complex allows us to understand diseases first-hand and gives us access to exceptional medical facilities. The result is constant improvement in treatments, medical care, and overall, in people’s health.
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Amb la recerca podem oferir una millor asssitència

The treatments of the future in our hands

Innovation and the development of new treatments directly depends on clinical research.  Research into new techniques, medications and therapies carried out on the Campus is of vital importance to establish the benefits of treatment and to ensure patient safety. We have more than 1,000 active clinical trials at our centres.

We have the privilege and responsibility of trying out many drugs that are later used in medical treatments, making us a leading healthcare complex for many companies involved in medical development and innovation.

Real applications for our research

Translational research minimises the distance between the results obtained in our laboratories and healthcare for patients. The end goal of our research is to apply the knowledge acquired during basic research to prevent and treat problems during clinical research and in this way, improve people’s health.

The fact that we have an excellent medical team at the forefront of the research institutes allows us to apply their medical experience and knowledge to overcoming the challenges that come up during research. This is an invaluable contribution that encourages the real application of the results to healthcare. Together we can achieve a more sustainable system where the resources invested in research can benefit both medicine and the patient. 

We are committed
to training

Our teaching activity develops professionals from university teaching practice, through specialised training, up to ongoing exchanges with other professionals. We have over 750 students carrying out internships each year, over 600 stable residents and more than 300 on external rotations. Find out about the programmes behind these figures.
Teaching on the Campus