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Training for 
patients and carers

Providing patients, their families and carers with information and knowledge is an important part of healthcare. For this reason, there are several programmes and spaces at Vall d’Hebron Barcelona Hospital Campus for patient training.
The Hospital carries out training designed specifically for patients and their carers. An example of this is the Programa Cuidador Expert Catalunya®, run in conjunction with the Department for Health of the Generalitat of Catalonia.

These groups all include the participation of healthcare staff, such as in the case of the various active groups at the Multiple Sclerosis Centre of Catalonia (CEMCAT). In the case of CEMCAT, part of the centre’s mission is to make these regular support groups available to the families of patients with multiple sclerosis. They provide a space to share information, experience and feelings with people in a similar situation, and are guided by a professional from the centre’s social work department. 
As a specialised centre, CEMCAT organises informative sessions on the disease throughout the year. At these sessions information and advice about multiple sclerosis is given and problem-solving relating to questions from patients, their families and carers is provided. You can find all this information in the centre’s patient area.
Visit the CEMCAT website Find out about the Programa Cuidador Expert Catalunya® (Catalan Expert Carer Programme)


The organisation of the specialised healthcare training is carried out by the Teaching Committee, a collegiate body responsible for integrating residents’ training activities into the daily care activity in the hospital. This is an essential tool to guarantee quality and continuous improvement in our educational work.
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