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from hospitals within Spain

Specialists from hospitals within Spain These placements, which are generally short, are aimed at specialists from Spain or foreigners working in a Spanish healthcare centre. Their sole purpose is professional training and retraining. In no way do they even partially replace formal training and they are not conducive to acquiring any qualification. The objective is to become familiar with the organisation of a certain process, a unit, or to learn very specialised and specific tasks or skills. Before starting the placement, specialists must have a defined training plan and a professional from the Hospital who is in charge of planning and supervising their activities.

Application and incorporation process

  • The application should be send by email to at least two months before the desired start date. If you know which professional you would like to do your placement with, contact them first to discuss their availability. Otherwise, you may directly contact the Teaching Committee.

  • If you and they are in agreement, complete the following documentation and send it to with a copy of your ID document, a copy of your specialist qualification, a report from the centre where you work, accepting and recommending the placement along with a passport-sized photo.

  • The Teaching Committee at the Hospital will assess your application and reply as soon as possible. Processing will not begin until all the documentation is complete. 

  • You cannot start working at the Hospital until you have formal authorisation, and this is only valid for the specific dates mentioned. 

  • On the day you start working at the Hospital you should go the to Teaching Department to complete the necessary paperwork. Remember that it is essential to bring a photocopy of your collegiate membership and a copy of your civil liability insurance. Then and there you will have to sign an agreement stating that you know, understand and accept the conditions laid down by the Hospital.
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  • Be a health sciences specialist.
  • Have a working relationship of a professional nature with a public or private Spanish institution at the time of undertaking the placement.
  • The maximum duration of the placement is six months.
  • Authorisation is only valid for the dates agreed.

Professionals’ relationship with Vall d’Hebron University Hospital

  • They attend the hospital for the sole purpose of training.
  • Accepting the placement does not establish any kind of working relationship with the hospital and no financial compensation or payment will be made by the Hospital during the training period.
  • Professionals on placement are subject to the internal rules and regulations of the Hospital, as well as to the specific rules of the department where they carry out their training.
  • They must be in possession of a public health card. The Hospital accepts no responsibility for claims due to common illness or any accident that may occur as a result of their time in the centre’s facilities, as the placement is solely for training purposes.
  • The hospital reserves the right to revoke the placement agreement at any time if it considers there has been a breach of the established conditions.

Activities of professionals on placement at Vall d’Hebron University Hospital

  • Professionals on placement will have a training timetable agreed with their supervisor according to their programme and approved by the head of department or the nursing supervisor.
  • They are not authorised to sign clinical documentation and are not responsible for the care of patients admitted to the hospital, outpatients or those receiving emergency treatment. 
  • The activities they are involved in will be planned, led, supervised and certified by professionals working in the healthcare unit where the placement takes place, and they must have the agreement of patients to be present or take part in diagnosis and treatment via clinical interview, examination or any type of procedure. Professionals on placement are obliged to understand and respect Spanish legislation on personal data protection (Law 15/1999 of 13th December) and to ensure professional secrecy both during and after their placement at the Hospital.
  • They must be collegiate members and have civil liability insurance that covers the risks that may occur as a result of the activities carried out during the placement.