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Webinar VHIR "Challenges of acute stroke management in covid times. Smart Stroke: a comprehensive digital transformation of stroke care in the postcovid era"

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De 16:00 h a 17:30 h




Vall d'Hebron Instituto de Investigación (VHIR) 

SMART STROKE is a multi-stakeholder multi-level smart ecosystem that integrates patient information in an AI-enhanced blockchain platform throughout the entire stroke care pathway from pre-hospital, hospital and follow-up phases. SMART STROKE represents the corner stone of an effective digital transformation of the stroke care process.


CV: Dr. Carlos Molina in Head of the Stroke Unit and Neurovascular Department at the Vall d´Hebron Hospital in Barcelona since 2004. Professor Molina is Associate professor of the UAB. He has an extensive experience in the diagnosis and treatment of acute ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke. He is a recognized and well-known leader in reperfusion therapies for acute ischemic stroke and secondary stroke prevention. Moreover, Professor Carlos Molina has conducted several multi-center clinical trials and prospective registries for acute stroke. He has more than 460 papers in peer-review journals (H-index 58), mainly in the field of non-invasive evaluation of reperfusion in acute stroke. Carlos Molina is Section Editor of the Stroke Journal and a member of the executive committee for several stroke trials on acute stroke and secondary stroke prevention. Over the last years, Dr. Molina is implementing the Value-based Stroke Care Program at Vall d’Hebron Hospital and leading the digital transformation of the stroke care pathway. Dr. Molina is co-founder of NORA, a digital platform for streamlining patient-professionals communication, optimizing treatment adherence, patient engagement and comprehensive follow-up.

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