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Medical Oncology

Oncologia Mèdica a Vall d'Hebron

The complexity of the diagnoses and treatments performed by the Medical Oncology Department requires working in multidisciplinary teams of specialists, with the aim of providing an integrated approach from diagnosis to the end of treatment. For this same reason, we work in expert cancer-specific committees and assess each case as a team to determine the appropriate treatment for each person. If you train with us, you will be working with highly qualified professionals and the latest generation technology. Training is backed up by our own training programmes and through collaboration with centres of recognised quality and prestige.


The core of this teaching unit is provided by the Medical Oncology Department, with participation from Haematology, Internal Medicine, Radiation Oncology, Radiology, Pathological Anatomy, Infectious Diseases and Palliative Care, the Intensive Care Unit and the A&E Department. The Unit can accommodate three residents per year. Residents’ training in Medical Oncology takes five years in total. The two first years are spent on core training, with the following three years dedicated specifically to specialisation.

Residents in medical oncology are expected to have in-depth knowledge of preventative, diagnostic and therapeutic choices for cancer. For this reason it is important that they continuously update their knowledge of cancer biology. To this end, they must take part in research projects that promote excellence in research. They will also have the opportunity to become familiar with the main lines of research in the Department and to take part in some of them. Over the course of training, residents learn to have a critical and open approach to the high volume of clinical studies and advances in the specialisation, whilst always keeping ethical considerations at the forefront of their work.


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Why do your residency at Vall d’Hebron?

  • Because you will be working in a friendly and professional environment where you will learn to manage relationships with patients, families and colleagues, and to apply the ethical principles that govern clinical practice, teaching and research.
  • Because team work and education is encouraged in our unit.
  • Because we encourage residents to improve their English as it is the official language of the medical sciences.
  • Because we encourage you to take part in each of the rotation areas, in all of the specialists’ day to day activities; aspects relating to patient care and those related to training, research and clinical management.
  • Because you will train in the right surroundings and throughout your training will be supported and supervised by senior residents and consultants.
  • Because we promote active participation in national and international congresses of the specialisation and the presentation of papers and posters. 
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Dr. Josep
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Head of Department
Medical Oncology
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Head of Unit
Medical Oncology
Clinical Researcher
Breast cancer and melanoma group
Dr. Joan
Carles Galcerán
Head of Section
Medical Oncology
Lead Researcher
Genitourinary, Central Nervous System (CNS) Tumours, Sarcoma and cancer of unknown primary site programme
Dra. Enriqueta
Head of Section
Medical Oncology
Lead Researcher
Thoracic tumours and head and neck cancer group
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Medical Oncology
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