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Urologia a Vall d'Hebron

The Urology Teaching Unit is led by the Vall d’Hebron Urology Department, with participation from other specialisations such as General Surgery, Nephrology, Intensive Care Medicine, and Paediatric Urology.


Urology deals with the study, diagnosis and treatment of medical-surgical conditions associated with the urinary and retroperitoneal system of both sexes. It also includes the male reproductive system of any age group, that may have congenital, metabolic, obstructive or oncological disorders, or injuries due to trauma.


Accredited places: 2


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Why specialise at Vall d’Hebron?

  • Because we are a tertiary hospital with outstanding departments. The number of patients who pass through the centre offers great potential for learning and gaining experience.
  • Because we cover most specialisations and you will have the opportunity to see complex conditions and to use cutting-edge diagnostic techniques and treatments.
  • Because our training programme can adapt to the initiative and vocation of each resident, with more emphasis on patient-contact or research according to their needs.
Healthcare specialisations
Research gropus
Related professionals
Dr. Ricard
Ferrer Roca
Head of Department
Intensive Care Medicine
Dr. Enrique
Trilla Herrera
Head of Department
Sra. Montse
Sevillano Aparicio
Dr. Juan
Morote Robles
Oncology, Biomedical Research in Urology
Sra. Adela
Amat Huerta
Nursing Supervisor
Sra. Pilar
Giron Espot
Nursing Supervisor
Strokes and Cerebral Haemodynamics
Dr. Raul
Cocera Rodríguez
Dra. Mercè
Cuadras Solé
Dr. Carlos
Salvador Lacambra
Dr. Jordi
Riera del Brío
Intensive Care Medicine
Lead Researcher
Shock, Organ Dysfunction and Resuscitation
Dr. David
Lorente García
Dr. Álvaro
García Del Campo
Intensive Care Medicine
Dra. Ana
Celma Domènech
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