Seminari de Recerca "Predictive tools for post stroke epilepsy"

  Sala d’actes de la planta baixa de l’Hospital General — See in map
22/11/2022 -- From 15:00h to 16:00h
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Institut de Recerca Vall d'Hebron (VHIR)
Modality: Semipresencial
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Dr. Laura Abraira del Fresno, Senior researcher, Research Group on Status Epilepticus and Acute Seizures (VHIR)

Stroke is the most frequent cause of epilepsy over 60 years. The present clinical risk factors are not enough to predict which patients are at greater risk of post- stroke epilepsy. Stroke related seizures can be triggered by acute metabolic disturbances secondary to brain damage (early-onset seizures) or appear spontaneously after a latent period of epileptogenesis (late-onset seizures or epilepsy). The epileptogenesis process involves multiple molecular changes that will make the brain tissue capable of generating spontaneous seizures. The role of these molecules after an acute stroke event has not been widely investigated. The study of clinical factors and blood biomarkers would let us deep into the mechanisms of the development of epilepsy and to identify some predictive biomarker. Thus, it will be helpful to investigate future modifying or preventive treatment strategies.

At the presentation we will talk about poststroke epilepsy, about the epileptogenesis process and we will describe the clinical factors and biomarkers present during acute stroke and analyze their association with stroke related seizures. A multimodal panel with both clinical variables and biomarkers would be helpful to identify the patients who are more likely to have either early-onset seizures or post-stroke epilepsy.

Host: Dr. Estevo Santamarina Pérez, Head of group Research Group on Status Epilepticus and Acute Seizures (VHIR)

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