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Cardiac Surgery

Cirurgía cardíaca a Vall d'hebrón

The Cardiac Surgery Department provides care for patients with heart disease who require an operation. This branch of medicine is highly specialised and requires expert staff. Our department is a pioneer in the Catalan public health system, and has grown significantly since it was officially created on 24 January 1972.


Our activity at the Cardiac Surgery Department has been linked to the history of medicine and, more specifically, to the history of cardiac surgery in Catalonia. Thanks to advances made in cardiac surgery and cardiology in general, we have been able to keep our Department at the forefront. We have also benefited from the change from a national health system to the current autonomous health system run by regions, regulated by the Catalan Health Service through the Catalan Health Institute.

The history of our Department dates back to the 60s, when Dr Paravisini performed the first operations to repair the heart's mitral valve, the so-called "mitral comissurotomies". In following years, cardiac surgery with extracorporeal circulation took off, which is the technique used to replace the heart’s function as a pump in order to stop the heart and be able to operate on it. Surgical activity established itself as commonplace towards the end of the 70s. It was not until the 80s, however, with the arrival of Dr Murtra, that a programme of operations with protocols was really established, with pioneering results at the time. The number of patients we treat has increased steadily: from 400 cases a year with extracorporeal circulation in the 80s, up to 600 today.

Our current catchment area covers over one million people, and includes the northeastern area of Catalonia, including the counties of Girona, Lleida and the north of the Barcelonès county. This is an extremely large area in terms of geography, but with a lower population density than other regions. In order to provide care for this area, we have created the Multihospital Care Department.

Resident cardiovascular doctors, as well as doctors from other specialties that rotate in our Department temporarily, join the Departmental team in performing preoperative studies, both in recommending surgery and in surgical procedures themselves, with a varying degree of involvement, depending on where they are in their studies. These doctors join in the post-operative care after cardiac surgery and provide further care on the ward, as well as helping in outpatient clinics.


Portfolio of services

  • Circulatory assistance
  • Autotransfusion
  • Extracorporeal circulation
  • Coronary surgery
  • Coronary surgery without extracorporeal circulation
  • Aortic surgery
  • Surgery of arrhythmias
  • Aorta root surgery
  • Pacemakers
  • MECC
  • Mitral valvular repair
  • Aortic valve replacement
  • Aortic valve repair
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