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General Emergencies

Urgències General a l'Hospital Universitari Vall d'Hebron

The General Hospital Accident and Emergency Department handles emergencies for all medical and surgical specialties for adults, regardless of the severity. We have doctors specialising in internal medicine and intensive care medicine, oncology and haematology, and surgical specialties, as well as doctors on call 24 hours a day.


The General Hospital Accident and Emergency department is made up of:

  • A triage area, where patients are prioritised by the degree of severity of each case
  • An area for treating highly complex and severe cases
  • An area for treating less complex and severe cases
  • An area for oncology, haematology and surgical specialties

We also have an Observation Ward with 55 beds that has been converted into a hospitalisation unit where patients who have been treated wait until they are transferred to a different hospitalisation ward or another centre. There is also a Short-Term Unit with 16 beds for short-stay patients who are to be hospitalised for less than 4 days.

Accident and Emergency provides care in cases of Code Stroke, Code Heart Attack and Code Sepsis, among others, in coordination with the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) to provide immediate care in case of emergencies. We also work in close collaboration with Transplant Coordination.

Vall d'Hebron University Hospital is one of the most active centres in organ and tissue donation, and that is why it is home to multidisciplinary teams who guarantee a high level of health protection, both for the donor and the recipient. One final highlight of the A&E portfolio at the General Hospital is the Diagnostic Imaging Department, with CT scan and ultrasounds available 24 hours a day, and interventional angiology.

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