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Oftalmologia a Vall d'Hebron

The Ophthalmology Teaching Unit, part of the Vall d’Hebron Ophthalmology Department, also includes participation from other specialisations such as Paediatric Ophthalmology, the Day Surgery Unit at the Pere Virgili Health Complex, and the Ophthalmology Unit from the Horta Medical Centre (CAP).


Ophthalmology is the medical-surgical specialisation related to the diagnosis and treatment of disorders and diseases of the eye.

Specialists in ophthalmology attend to patients with ocular pathologies. Competencies include the study, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of eye disease. 


Accredited places: 3


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Why specialise at Vall d’Hebron?

  • Because you will acquire the knowledge, skills and approaches necessary to diagnose and correctly treat the most common eye diseases.
  • Because you will learn how to correctly use different eye examination methods, and will be able to recognise the manifestations of systemic eye diseases.
  • Because when you finish your residency, you will have carried out a sufficient number of surgical eye procedures under supervision, and will have therefore developed critical ability in relation to surgical treatments.
  • Because you will be equipped to present scientific and clinical information in a concise, clear and organized way.
  • Because you will be familiar with clinical and laboratory research tasks.
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