Smart Campus

For the Campus, “smart” means planning improvements in our physical surroundings, making them more pleasant and accessible, at the same time as promoting technological renovation. It also means enabling people’s experience, whether through new technologies in relation to patients, such as mobile apps, or working towards intelligent management of professional processes. 

The environment and experience we offer people who pass through Vall d’Hebron Barcelona Hospital Campus are key, and for this reason it is important they are at the same level of excellence as the healthcare and research. The goal is to build a Smart Campus to improve the quality of the patient and staff experience by using urban and sustainable resources, and technology to improve service experience and meet people’s needs.

Project description

The Campus promotes the improvement of the experience and services for citizens and professionals, with measures that allow the most urgent shortcomings in our environment to be addressed, in line with sustainability criteria. In this sense, Vall d’Hebron Barcelona Hospital Campus is developing projects to become a more accessible and smart campus.

We are working to bring the Campus in line with the national and international benchmark we represent. Our environment must work alongside us, projecting towards the new needs for the future and preparing us for the new challenges of public health over the next 20 years.

The surroundings

The surroundings affect our level of service and patient experience. That is why the new Smart Campus model we are working on will guarantee its environmental sustainability and accessibility to the public. Changing the architecture throughout the Campus, establishing an architecture of unique buildings that symbolise the medicine of the future, opening up the hospital to the neighbourhood.

We are building a people-friendly Campus, providing green spaces and taking advantage of natural resources. Restricting traffic flow and rearranging the flow of authorised vehicles, as well as a better flow of goods.

All this is being planned in the context of the new VHIR building, which includes rearranging and reassessing the Campus buildings, evaluating them and applying sustainability measures aimed at efficiency and energy savings, constant maintenance and reduction of management costs.


Vall d’Hebron is actively incorporating mobile technology into its relations with patients and staff, as a tool to improve medical care, research, teaching, patient relations and, ultimately, contribute to improving the public health system.

The flagship app of the Vall d’Hebron Campus is a project that serves to put the healthcare system at patients’ fingertips. It facilitates access to and being on campus, with useful information about logistical aspects such as timetables, maps and contact details; it shares news, activities and other information of interest about the Campus, and incorporates a private patient area.

This private area, which will be called “My Vall d’Hebron”, will allow the patient to track their history of appointments, operations, tests, etc., and invite other people to share this information. The top functionality that “My Vall d’Hebron” incorporates is the ability to track operations.

To improve professionals’ communication and knowledge, the Campus has also developed the We Are Vall d’Hebron application, and is partnering in the development of other applications to facilitate the relationship and experience of patients and citizens.

Smart process management

“Smart” also means using technologies and new methods to accelerate and optimise processes. From connecting facilities, which allows smarter management, to organising work processes (relationships between staff, leadership, group working in the cloud, use of Big Data and global management systems).

We work to ensure that the Campus is up to the national and international care record we are.

Project partners

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