A solidarity race will help to finance treatments related to ovarian cancer

In this IV edition, 4,800 euros have been raised, which will go to the Biomedical Research in Gynecology group at Vall d'Hebron Research.


A group of women from Castelló d'Empúries launched a solidarity race against female cancer in 2018 driven by other similar initiatives that were being carried out in nearby municipalities. Step by step this small initiative has ended up becoming the Esport i Vida association.

This 2021, in its IV edition, several races have been carried out and one of the projects to which they have wished to grant funding thanks to individual participants and collaborating companies is part of Vall d'Hebron Research.


Promoting ovarian cancer research

In general, the best known of the specifically female cancers is breast cancer, so it is usual that every year multiple solidarity initiatives are carried out to raise funds and promote research projects in this disease. Even so, it is not the only specifically female cancer with a high incidence in women, being also colorectal cancer, lung cancer and stomach cancer. Also relevant is the so-called gynecological cancer, a term that includes ovarian, uterine and cervical cancers. 

Aware of this relevance and the specific needs of patients with ovarian cancer, the group of Biomedical Research in Gynecology of Vall d'Hebron Research is investigating it and recently have proven the effectiveness of a new protocol (ERAS) that helps and accelerates the recovery of women undergoing surgery related to this disease.

This research is led by the Oncological Gynecology and Lower Genital Tract Pathology Unit and the Biomedical Research Group in Gynecology of Vall d'Hebron Research. With the donation of the Esport i Vida Association it will be possible to continue financing the research of this protocol, as well as its implementation within the hospital environment that will directly reach the affected patients. "The objective of the new project is to study how immunological factors are modified in patients with ovarian cancer treated in our center within the ERAS protocol and to determine their relationship with surgical stress, postoperative recovery and the evolution of the disease." explains Dr. Melissa Bradbury, specialist of the Gynecology Oncology Unit and researcher of the Biomedical Research Group of Vall d'Hebron Research.

More information about the ERAS protocol.

About the initiative

A group of women from Castelló d'Empúries launched in 2018 an annual solidarity race to raise funds for research and treatments related to cancers specifically suffered by women. The organization of the Women's Race in 2018, 2019 and 2020 has ended up becoming the Esport i Vida association.

COVID-19 meant that in 2020 the race had to be adapted to the socio-health measures and this caused the race to be postponed until between the end of the year and kings, as it was held on different days due to the reduction of capacity in outdoor spaces.

In 2021, it was decided to opt for a format similar to that of 2020, which lasted a week and allowed everyone to participate more comfortably. In the end, 657 people participated. They also had the collaboration of the restaurant Gula d'Empuriabrava that organized a solidarity dinner that was part of the total collection of the IV women's race of the association.

"For us, and surely for the people who participate in all the activities organized by our association, it is very important to do our bit in these projects. We are very grateful for the response, participation and collaboration of all those who have been involved in the Castelló d'Empúries Women's Run, and happy with the good reception that our contribution has received in the Biomedical Research Group in Gynecology of Vall d'Hebron Research. We hope that this small gesture will help many women in the future", explain the representatives of the association.

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