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You, the residents, are Vall d’Hebron’s future

Choose Vall d'Hebron University Hospital to do your residency and you will find everything you are looking for. In 2022, we are looking for 149 residents who want to be part of our future and whose aim is to specialise in a leading hospital. We provide highly complex healthcare through our public, teaching and community hospital.

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Through this form, you can contact the residents and tutors of the specialties that interest you most to get to know them first hand and ask them everything you need.


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At Vall d’Hebron we have 149 accredited places in 46 specialities in medicine (MIR), nursing (IIR), psychology (PIR), pharmacy (FIR), biology (BIR), chemistry (QIR) and radiophysics (RFIR).

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The residents in different specialities and the tutors share their experiences and the most important aspects of each teaching unit.

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Our residents have already invested in their future

Marta Barros Segura (MIR)

Marta Barros Segura - resident internal doctor (MIR)

“Specialising at this hospital allows you to acquire knowledge in the different areas of paediatrics, which makes your training more comprehensive and enriching. I would choose Vall d’Hebron again without a doubt.”

Alicia Lillo Garcia (EIR)

Alicia Lillo Garcia - resident internal nurse (IIR)

“The surgical residency at Vall d'Hebron Hospital is an opportunity to learn to manage complex pathology and prepare to face any situation or unexpected turn of events that could happen in your future professional life. With the most advanced technology and surrounded by an atmosphere of colleagueship. There is no doubt that I would choose my place again.”

Eudald Castell Panisello (PIR)

Eudald Castell Panisello - resident internal psychologist (PIR)

“The residency has allowed me to train in both knowledge and therapeutic skills. In the personal sphere it involves a process of change, and in the social sphere it is definitely a gain.”

If you could not see the information sessions for each specialty, recover them and you will discover each teaching unit explained by the tutors and residents.



New Centre for Advanced Clinical Simulation

As part of their training programme, all Vall d‘Hebron residents use simulation to complete their training in technical and non-technical skills.

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Frequently asked questions

Preguntes freqüents

We abide by current regulations regarding the number of duty periods and time off. You will be integrated in a widely multidisciplinary team where you will be able to consult and learn from everyone. You can find out more about the duty periods from the training programme.

There are many interdisciplinary commissions that facilitate the relationship, collaboration and exchange of knowledge among residents.

Vall d’Hebron is very easy to reach, by car (next to Ronda de Dalt), and by public transport.

Post-residency grants are offered to residents who, during their training, have shown an interest in the field of research by training and taking part in one of the projects.

We have a newly renovated library that has become a co-creation, collaboration and group working space with access to the most modern technology making available the best bibliographic and documentary resources of scientific literature. We also provide remote access to all these resources.

At Vall d’Hebron there are more than 9,000 professionals and 2,000 researchers. We deal with 1,200,000 patients and 260,000 emergencies a year, and we carry out more than 450 transplants. A campus full of opportunities.

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