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Sra. Marta
Muste Diaz


I'm a nurse with more than a ten years career, with assistance experience in different Units, Emergencies and External Consulting. I love, and motives me to do my best, the way more confidant, with proximity to the patient; sanitary education and to manage the interview are my strongest points; collaborate in a multidisciplinary team and be helpful describes me. Office IT knowledge and Managing had been acquired by continuous learning. I have a great language management in English and French.

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Traumatology, Rehabilitation and Burns Hospital



Since december of 2018 I'm the nurse and Cases Admin at Experienced of Central Sensibilation Syndromes Unit, in Rheumatology Department. I'm responsible of the education about the illnes and selfcaring measures to patients; which includes if its necessary helping them in the questionaires that we give periodically to evaluate them. That task isn't easy at all...due to the complex and different needs of each other. Problems resolution and managing are other tasks to do; moreover test check and results registration into data bases. Being learning and updating and a nice treatment, with patience and comprehension which needed this kind of patients aren't common.

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